Lego Education presents Spike Essentials to teach STEM subjects to kids

Lego Education presents Spike Essentials to teach STEM subjects to kids


Lego isn't just a toy

 Do you like lego games? Collectors of Star Wars Lego sets? Or do you like Lego robotics? check out this page

 Well, you might be surprised to know that Lego isn't just a toy.
 Lego Education introduced Spike Essentials as part of its Lego Learning System to help teachers and encourage students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) subjects. Motivating students to become resilient and independent thinkers. This expansion of the Lego Learning System is designed to help elementary school children (grades 1-5) develop an interest in and understanding of STEM subjects

There are five play-based curriculum units in Spike Essentials, each containing 7-8 lessons and 6-10 hours of study material.
 The learning set also contains five hardware components and 449 Lego bricks, including spare bricks. 
This isn't your average Lego kit you might find in a store, and it features unique hardware and programming elements for high-quality, technology-enhanced STEAM learning experiences. The kit is intended for educators who take a hands-on approach to teach STEAM. topics in class. Each Lego Spike Essentials kit retails (pre-order) for $274.95 (opens in a new tab) and contains over 50 hours of learning material in total. Suitable for up to two children to use at the same time in a learning environment, it helps them understand and solve engineering, math, and science problems with 35 different lesson plans."We are excited to introduce a complete learning system that enriches the teaching and learning experience with the launch of Spike Essentials," said Esben Staerk, president of Lego Education, at a virtual launch event.

 "At a time when everyone is rethinking learning, we believe the Lego Learning System will inspire joy and a never-ending love of learning in students." An important part of the set is the diverse selection of Minifigures. Four are included and all have their own names and backgrounds and interests to try to make children more sympathetic to them. There are two boys and two girls, and one of the boys, 'Daniel', is in a wheelchair.” If students are able to progress step by step, a solid foundation and knowledge base are built that can be expanded and deepened. 

Lego & Education

year after a year. Lego Education designed the Lego Learning System to do just that and more," Natalie Frady, Computer Science Instructor, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia. "It's really exciting to see a systematic approach to STEAM learning that's playful, scalable, and engaging. Every teacher and student can benefit from the wide variety of solutions, from kindergarten through graduation,” added Frady.


We are sure that the Lego company will continue to spread and renew our love for the brand along with values ​​of learning and education for the next generation of our children - starting with schools, academic institutions, and colleges

The many benefits of playing and learning with Lego - help some students absorb the knowledge faster than learning in the traditional, old style of books at home

Where Are The Software Engineers?

The technology industry is on a slow but steady rebound. The demand for qualified IT professionals has gone up over the last several, but many students have given up computer related majors in response to the Dot Com bust. Many industry professionals fear that there will be a crippling shortage of qualified personnel to fill tech jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (), computer software engineers will be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next 7 years.

To help meet this demand, students seeking a career in computers will need at least a bachelor's degree in computer software engineering.

Computers and info rmation technology is a part of our daily lives, and new technology is being developed at a fast pace. Computer training is needed to help expand new computer software systems and to include new technologies and applications. The skills needed for careers in IT change all of the time reflecting changes in technology and the growing needs of companies. Computer software engineers research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software, compilers and network distribution software. They work with medical, industrial, military, communications, aerospace, business, and scientific and general computing applications. Software engineers set operational specifications and formulate and analyze software requirements

Computer software engineers need the skills to create functional and technical design qualifications for software development. They must also have solid programming skills, and be familiar with data types, syntax and control structures. Along with the ability to correctly analyze info rmation, software engineers also need to be able to fix multifaceted application glitches and be able to produce quality requirement specifications, design documents and test plans. Problem solving and working as a team are also necessary parts of working as a software engineer. Now is the time to earn a degree in a computer-related discipline, as it is required for most software engineering positions. Growth in the technology field will be driven by the rapid growth in the technology sector. Demand for careers as a computer software engineer is expected to grow as computer applications continue to expand.

At this time, many companies are experiencing difficulty finding qualified programmers and software engineers. The USA grants only about 6% of the world's engineering degrees, behind China, the European Union, Japan, Russia and India, according to the latest figures from the National Science Foundation ( ). This trend showing a decline in interest in computer science majors comes at a time when companies and groups representing U.S. technology professionals continue to debate whether there is an IT skills shortage requiring foreign workers to fill industry needs.

Graduate degree programs have not yet experienced the decline of computer science majors. Many U.S. graduate programs are dependant on foreign students who come here for Computer Training. Approximately 45% of computer engineering students are non-resident aliens. Enhanced security regulations in regards to student visa's may account for the lack of students applying for computer programs.

When the industry does rebound, there will most likely be a crippling shortage of qualified personnel to fill tech jobs. Student s with a love of technology should still continue to pursue a degree in computer science, as the need for these persons will continue to rise. The current shortage of qualified computer science engineers for hire in the United States is a problem that is reflective of a decline in Computer majors. Though the glamour of stock options and tech firm perks may be over, the need for qualified personnel is still present. Students with a love of technology should still continue to pursue a degree in computer science, as the need for these persons will continue to rise.

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Choose The Place That The Money Is At – Know Pc Forensic Technology And Have A Fantastic Career

Frauds and misuses of IT and computers has hit an alarming rate in the past few decades with not just the hackers and project dealers, but also the workers are prepared to take part in the criminal offense.

The unsatisfying factor in this is that lots of organizations and firms are still unaware of the acts they are able to carry out to obtain the necessary evidence. Majority of the businesses are lacking a different section to adopt control of those and give away knowledge to the workers in regards to the consequences of such behaviors. Companies are prepared to pay the most amusing salaries to anybody who's ready to indulge in a forensic act in opposition to this kind of situation.

Forensic personal computer training for that reason has been thought to be one of the most expanding IT specialization in United states for the past few years. The actual teaching should be performed in 100% problem free structure and with an up-to-date knowledge based system. The rules and regulations should be taught according to the country?s laws of IT sanctioned by the liable governing body. With these specifications being a must it is the program provider?s responsibility to grant a proper education on handling such situations.

Some type of computer forensic examiner won't only deal with the legal issues with a computer misuse, but additionally the technical elements like obtaining proof from a formatted hard drive or perhaps a cellular phone.

One of the most exceptional aspects of this kind of forensic pc education is the ability to produce clear and accurate studies on examinations performed under pc forensic. This will make sure the additional steps taken in legal aspects are guaranteed to achieve success.

4 of the most critical steps in a forensic computer evaluation should be the complete examination, figuring out the techniques of data storage, retrieving any files available and finally coming to a conclusion. For these steps to be used the examiner needs to be adequately educated by a properly reputed forensic computer training program. This is why it is vital to make an investigation prior to entering into such a course of study.

To obtain the best forensic education provider, it is believed that the internet will be the best place. A great deal of internet sites will provide you the most crucial information you will ever need on forensic pc training. Be quick and begin your journey to become a pc forensic examiner with the best training. After all it'll earn you a great deal of income.

Information of Engineering College Haryana

Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana

If you are search in Haryana College engineering college Gurgaon or Haryana then in that case firstly you will search a top college in Gurgaon or Delhi/NCR. Students in this profession could do with to be in theory sound, good at diagnostic way of thinking, good at multifaceted conniving and asking price estimation as in good health. Brilliant communication skills and hard work with physical staying power with large concentration point, patience, team spirit, flexibility, responsibility, accountability and credibility are a few factors which need to be there in each and every student who want to make this their career choice.

The Haryana city have a very brilliant engineering colleges and institutes to get together the demands of high excellence education ant number of the colleges in Gurgaon have cross equivalence quality in delivering the superiority of education with the purpose of is expected from them. It includes the largest part of the engineering colleges. Engineers play extremely central position in the improvement of in the least state and Gurgaon the stage main part in it. The city nourish them by on condition that far above the ground quality colleges.

A traditional institution of a high knowledge would be until the split ends of time have their have possession of method of teaching their students on the subject of their chosen specializations, as it had forever been for centuries. This can also be believed on the subject of those that are offer recognized online bachelor degree as they can give enrolls a practical way to be given training, most important them to an actual college degree in Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana

Master Degree, Students who are longing to get hold of a degree in electronic systems technology can do so with supplementary two time of learning with an ascribed technical school. Students will get ready for career in engineering and electronics. Assignments will differ but may perhaps consist of study computer systems, technical math, automotive electronics, electronic controls, and more. Education in these subjects will be of assistance to get ready students for a number of thrilling careers. Possible career opportunity can take account of living being automatic engineer, settlement installer, technical support expert, and a lot of other related professions in this playing field.

Bachelor of Electronic and Communications

Bachelor of Electronic and Communication are degree's who are the top quality degrees and supported Electronic Communication which is top best engineering college in India. We are providing top unlimited courses which are best for your career and aims with this information and counselor.

KIIT are a top ten engineering college in Gurgaon which is best for the students with this according in this college, if you have to any query in your mind then please fallow at this link Bachelor of Electronic and Communications

Making Dreams A Reality With Music Colleges

It is very fortunate that education is not limited to any boundaries any more. It is not limited to bookish knowledge; practical?s of mundane subjects or projects on subjects that will eventually be of no relevance to us as individuals. How many of us today can say that our education was on the basis of our interests? If not for us I am happy to know that today?s generation and generations to come will have that choice.

The education system has advanced and come given us choice to not only become an engineer, journalist, doctor, teacher, architect, fashion designer, interior designer but also a painter, actor, artist, dancer and musician. In earlier time only exceptional people did what they really learned and for the rest of us these arts remained either a hobby or a dream to become till death. And as parents we would push our children to academics which have a high career path irrespective of the fact that it is a forced dream which our children end up with all their life.

Having said that, today, students have abundance of choices to pursue their education and their talent simultaneously. There are various colleges of music and university schools of music. For example Massachusetts has few of the best colleges tied up with them like Harword, MIT, Dartmouth and Boston College. With over a 100 schools under its roof there are many schools in Massachusetts which offer music programs. There are several vocational and technical schools.

Like The New England Institute of Art ,The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, Amherst College, Boston College, Gordon College, Hampshire College, Harvard University and many more. At the university level student may receive academic credits for taking music courses which teaches them different music styles, history of music and listening to music. Students are also encouraged to participate in choir, concert bands or orchestra.

Many of the Universities as listed above offer degree programs in the field of music education, with certification. They also offer advance degree programs. There is also a lot of information available on websites with regards to the curriculum offered by Music Colleges and Universities of music which one can refer to get savvy about the choices available for your child today.

Free Scholarships

Free scholarships that help you to pay for college are an attractive proposition because the money never has to be reimbursed. When you are applying for a free scholarship, you should keep in mind that there is often a lot of research and effort require, but not to worry. This effort comes from you being required to write scholarship essays or proposals. While the focus of the essay you will need to submit is not as lengthy or detailed as the ones you may write in college, they still require time and energy and should not be taken lightly. Keep in mind that this essay is a critical part of the college application process.

The proposal or essay that you will be required to submit to a scholarship committee is perhaps the most important part of your application details. This is because it allows the scholarship panel to get to know you as an individual. Your extracurricular activities, test scores and grades are just numbers and facts listed on a transcript, whereas the essay tells them a bit about who are. So take advantage of this moment to make a positive and lasting impression on the scholarship committee. And be patient, as it will take some effort to finesse your content to reveal the true you.

There is no guaranteed method that will allow you to write a memorable essay. There are several components to an essay that need to be made clear. First, your work has to be original. It cannot be plagiarized. The second thing you will want to do is make sure you have a clearly stated the essay?s thesis and avoid using unnecessary information. This means stating clearly why you deserve to win this money over all the other, perhaps equally as qualified applicants. Third, just be honest and be yourself.

Upon the completion of your college application essay, you should find a teacher or friend who can read over your essay and point out any mistakes you might have made. Do your best to ensure that your essay has no grammatical or spelling errors that will automatically detract from the opinion of the judges. Ask your audience if the written essay would make them choose you for the free scholarships and if not, what is it lacking? Then make the necessary changes and submit your application as soon as possible.

What Is A University Of Phoenix Online Degree Actually Worth?

Any online degree probably cannot compete with a traditional university degree. Concentrated time spent on the campus in a face-to-face discussion setting is perhaps the best way of knowledge transfer, in spite of the advent of technology that can make physical presence of a classroom redundant!

Being able to attend a regular class is, however, not possible for every student. You might not have the resources in the initial stages of life, and at a later point in life time might become a constraint. Hence, to complete your education, you need the flexibility of time and place and the convenience of doing it from anywhere in the world. The University of Phoenix is perhaps one of the best options available to you today. The University has earned repute for excellence and success. In fact, according to a student survey, there is 95 percent satisfaction level amidst students who earn their online degree from the University of Phoenix.

The alumnae from the University of Phoenix have seen a marked increase in their marketability. They have been able to secure jobs that they desired, or have received promotions in their present jobs. Many full-time homemakers have been able to complete their education, which has helped them not only with their self esteem but has also prepared them for job markets once they decide to move out.

The flexibility offered by the University of Phoenix is a major advantage. Each course can be taken over a period of five to six weeks and students can take a break between courses. They do not have to be present for any classes and can review the downloaded learning material offline at their convenience. Additionally, the University of Phoenix Online education is recognized for most employer reimbursement plans. For these reasons among many others, the University of Phoenix is perhaps the best place to start looking for the means to fulfill your career goals.

Online Yearbooks An Electronic Reunion

If you weren't aware, let me tell you about how online yearbooks are becoming a very popular trend. Many people who have lost or damaged their yearbooks feel like they will never get another copy of them. However, you can download them from certain websites or order them to get another hard copy if that's what you want.

The most common reasons for downloading online yearbooks can include looking up old friends, seeing what celebrities used to be like in their high school years, and others. Both of these can be a fun, missed object experience and can be shared with friends all around the world, even if you can't make it to the reunion.

Searching for someone with online yearbooks is easiest by their name. If you are searching for a celebrity, there is a good chance that they changed their name when they became famous. The more sophisticated websites will have this information built in, but not all of them do, so check that out first before buying anything.

Sometimes searching someone's name is not specific enough. Instead of having to go through a lot of similar names, you can estimate the time that they were in a certain grade by taking their age and subtracting whatever amount you need. This will help narrow down the list to a reasonable number so you can find the right person.

Whether you're trying to replace an old yearbook simply buying one for a friend, their ideas options available on most websites that offer online yearbooks. You can even get yearbooks from years that you did not graduate in or were not in high school for. No matter why you're getting one, you'll be happy with the quality.

While you don't need to order a physical copy from their website, many people prefer to have something that they can hold in their hand and look at any time they want. However, some people prefer electronic version for faster searching and sharing online. This is especially popular because of how social media works.

If you're ready to learn more about the online yearbooks, how you can order them, and any sort of pricing, all you have to do is try one of their websites. This way, you can sort by prices and see which one best fits your budget and other requirements when it comes to ordering your yearbook online.

You will find a lot of online yearbooks available to purchase, so making the decision about which one is just right for you might be difficult. In order to help, you can read some reviews that other customers have written and they will let you know what these customers liked about the website they chose.

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School And College Education Opportunities in Canada

In modern times, parents want their kids to study in the reputed schools and colleges. For this thing to happen they send their kids to other countries also. There was a time when parents send their kids only to few countries such as England, America and Australia and so on. But now, many countries are giving good education and atmosphere to the students, Canada is one of them. Now, this country has some of the best schools, colleges and universities in the world. There are around 100 universities this country has. If you try to search for Canada schools directory, Canada colleges directory or list of colleges Canadathen you will find lots of renowned schools and colleges of Canada.

Why should one go to Canada for studying?

In this country, you can get world class education. It is the dream of most of the students to take admission in the schools and colleges of Canada. You will find there some of the best colleges .It doesn't matter that which profession you want to choose like engineering, medical, law, business management and so on , you will find good colleges regarding every profession. Colleges of this country provide some vocational courses and diploma courses also. You can have a guess about the education quality of schools and colleges of Canada with the help of the data that over 1, 30,000 students migrate to Canada every year. It is not only due to the good education provided by the universities, colleges and schools of this country but it gives a complete atmosphere for students to survive here.

What are the Other Benefits?

Some students go there because of the safe and friendly environment and other students go there due to the affordability, excellence and job opportunity. This country gives lots of healthy study abroad education schemes to the migrating students due to which, number of migrating students are increasing year by year.

The best thing to complete your studies from the schools and colleges of Canada is every course consider similar to that of the United States. And the certificates diplomas and degrees are recognised in all over the world. This resolves all the problems of every parents and students. If you want to study there and do the job in your own country then there will be no problem for you. Another good thing about this country is that it provides good working opportunities while studying. Thus, you can earn and lessen the burden of your parents.

Where to get the Information from?

With the help of web portals and online directories you can get all the information of registered schools and colleges of Canada. If you try to search for the list of colleges Canadaor something like this then you can have lots of information regarding this. You can know about the college fee, infrastructure, hostel facility, address and so on. You can collect and submit the form online. You can also meet some good educational consultants in your city.

You should not even think at once to going for studying to Canada. You can search all the good schools and colleges of Canada by searching for Canada schools directory or Canada colleges directory. Now Canada's best schools and colleges are just one click away from you!

Best Hotel Management Colleges In Dehradun And Siliguri Fulfill The Demand Of The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is really flourishing day by day in India. There are many places in India which are really worth watching. You can find the beauty of the Himalayas in the North while you can see the seas in the three sides of India. You can find forests and widespread desert in this country. You can see many great monuments here. Here, one can find one of the seven wonders of the world i.e. Tajmahal. It speaks the beauty and elegance. Apart from this, we can say that India is the home of a rich culture, heritage and tradition. You can see many festivals are practiced by the different group of people all over the year. These are really colorful and vibrant. To get this essence, people from all over the world want to visit India once in their lifetime.

To welcome the guests all over the world, the government of India stressed a lot on the travel and tourism sector. They want to make the people aware about all of India. Many times it has been seen that we know the name of a place but we cannot feel attracted towards it just because we are not able to see those places before we go. So, these places need to be promoted. Nowadays, it has been seen that the government of India has taken the initiative to promote about the states. Many times they promote the states with the help of some popular celebrities of India.

Dehradun and Siliguri are the popular places which people want to visit. Siliguri is in West Bengal. The people who want to go Darjeeling, Gangtok or Sikkim has to go through Siliguri. People have to stay there for some time. Apart from this, Siliguri is becoming more and more important business hub as lots of travelers come and buy the different types of products from here everyday. To welcome the guests, lots of hotels are opening here. Not only that, after understanding the emerging trend many hotel management schools are also opening in this place. Nowadays, one can find the top hotel management institute in Siliguri. The hotel management schools in this place have some best faculty who knows the current trend of the hotel management industry. They want to prepare their students who can be able to take up the challenges of the hotel industry more effectively and efficiently.

The best hotel management colleges in Dehradun also prepare their students like this only. We know that the dream of every student who does the course of hotel management is to become the top manager of any reputed and well known hotels of the world. The faculty members help them to achieve their goal in this aspect. They train them thus they can be able to manage many works simultaneously. Not only that they teach them the techniques to overcome the stress and anxieties which the managers often experience because of their heavy work pressure.

So, hotels are the important part of India and the top hotel management institute in Siliguri and Dehradun, always help their students thus they can meet the demand of the international market.