Nursing Profession – A Thorough Analysis For Aspiring Nurses

Nursing is one of the highly respected and dignified professions in today’s world. Lately, this profession has not just garnered immense importance but also has also been evolved in many ways. Many activities that used to be the domain of doctors and experts are now being performed under the supervision of nurses. Nursing is the profession about helping an individual, family and entire community to achieve the optimum level of health and maintaining that level.

In older times, military and nuns would work as nurses. This could be the reason that elements of military and religion are glaringly evident even in contemporary nursing. In Britain, nurses are often being called “sisters”. Nurses in USA and Canada work in churches and perform counseling, healthcare and community related activities for needy people. Profession of nursing can further be branched out. This article highlights some of the options that nurses can opt for.

Travel nurses: travel nurses are kind of nursing consultants. They are dispatched to different towns and cities where they are needed for the relatively short period of time. As the requirement of nurses is growing, travel nurses are become more important.

Flight nurses: these nurses are involved in transporting the patients from one place to another. They work for both, emergency situations and for non-emergency situations.

Clinical nurses: clinical nurses are assigned to manage the entire case. He/she organize and manage different aspects of case like controlling the cost and managing the resources.

Nurse practitioner: this is one of the highly rewarded categories in nursing. Nurse practitioners are mostly involved in health care, pediatrics, women health care, geriatrics and acute care. Other options include mental health and neonatology.

Nurse practitioners are highly qualified, usually above bachelor level; they either hold masters in nursing or doctorate degree. Monetary rewards are quite high for nursing practitioners.

Certified Anesthetist: A role of certified anesthetist is similar to the role of anesthesiologist. Their role includes assisting and counseling the patient before and even after the treatment of anesthesia.

Surgical nursing: surgical nurses assist doctors during complex surgeries like neurosurgery and organ transplant. Monetary rewards in this profession are quite satisfactory.

Legal nurse consultants: In this form of nursing, nurses are not required to work in court rooms but in hospitals and clinic. Legal nurses are mostly needed to assist in quality assurance. This branch of nursing is growing rapidly because of more and more companies are foraying into the medical business due to flexible rules by government.

Forensic Nurses: forensic nurses work with government and law enforcement agencies to collect and review the crime evidences. Their job is to identify injuries, cause of injury and suggest victim for appropriate follow-up treatment.

Nursing is quite a noble and rewarding career. But, getting into the nursing profession can be bit difficult due to high expenditures and requirement strong academic background. Although, number of institutions are offering slew of nursing scholarships programs. These scholarship programs look after aspiring nurses not just in terms of tuition but also provide free books, accommodation and many other facilities.

One thing you have to remember is that there is difference between student loan and scholarship program. In case of loan, student will have to repay the money; whereas, in case of scholarship student does not need to return any money.

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