Lego Education presents Spike Essentials to teach STEM subjects to kids

Lego Education presents Spike Essentials to teach STEM subjects to kids


Lego isn’t just a toy

 Do you like lego games? Collectors of Star Wars Lego sets? Or do you like Lego robotics? check out this page

 Well, you might be surprised to know that Lego isn’t just a toy.
 Lego Education introduced Spike Essentials as part of its Lego Learning System to help teachers and encourage students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) subjects. Motivating students to become resilient and independent thinkers. This expansion of the Lego Learning System is designed to help elementary school children (grades 1-5) develop an interest in and understanding of STEM subjects

There are five play-based curriculum units in Spike Essentials, each containing 7-8 lessons and 6-10 hours of study material.
 The learning set also contains five hardware components and 449 Lego bricks, including spare bricks. 
This isn’t your average Lego kit you might find in a store, and it features unique hardware and programming elements for high-quality, technology-enhanced STEAM learning experiences. The kit is intended for educators who take a hands-on approach to teach STEAM. topics in class. Each Lego Spike Essentials kit retails (pre-order) for $274.95 (opens in a new tab) and contains over 50 hours of learning material in total. Suitable for up to two children to use at the same time in a learning environment, it helps them understand and solve engineering, math, and science problems with 35 different lesson plans.”We are excited to introduce a complete learning system that enriches the teaching and learning experience with the launch of Spike Essentials,” said Esben Staerk, president of Lego Education, at a virtual launch event.

 “At a time when everyone is rethinking learning, we believe the Lego Learning System will inspire joy and a never-ending love of learning in students.” An important part of the set is the diverse selection of Minifigures. Four are included and all have their own names and backgrounds and interests to try to make children more sympathetic to them. There are two boys and two girls, and one of the boys, ‘Daniel’, is in a wheelchair.” If students are able to progress step by step, a solid foundation and knowledge base are built that can be expanded and deepened. 

Lego & Education

year after a year. Lego Education designed the Lego Learning System to do just that and more,” Natalie Frady, Computer Science Instructor, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia. “It’s really exciting to see a systematic approach to STEAM learning that’s playful, scalable, and engaging. Every teacher and student can benefit from the wide variety of solutions, from kindergarten through graduation,” added Frady.


We are sure that the Lego company will continue to spread and renew our love for the brand along with values ​​of learning and education for the next generation of our children – starting with schools, academic institutions, and colleges

The many benefits of playing and learning with Lego – help some students absorb the knowledge faster than learning in the traditional, old style of books at home

What Is Accreditation? Why Is It Necessary To Have An Accredited Degree Only?

What is accreditation?

Accreditation as the dictionary goes means official approval or recognition. This means that an organization that is accredited like Ashwood University, Rochville university etc. Accreditation enables the degree to be recognized as an official approved document and thus you are not faced with any complications.

Who does accreditation?

There are certain organizations that are set about to accredit universities like Ashwood by checking on the standards and if they are able to fulfill certain criteria?s. These agencies are completely partial bodies and offer unbiased opinion. There is a certain procedure that they follow and work with certain strict rules and regulations.

How Accreditation Works

Accreditation organizations look at every detail of a school, making sure it meets standards to give you the best education for your money. These accrediting agencies aren’t connected to the schools, so they can offer an unbiased opinion. They use a specific procedure when considering a school for accreditation. That is why institutes like Ashwood University and Rochville University maintain their standards.

How you check on accreditation

You can check about online universities through the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA). There you will get a list of all online universities that are accredited. You will find the likes of Ashwood University and Rochville University there.

What is the advantage of getting an accredited degree?

An accredited university will enable you to have a safe future in the sense that your degree will be accepted everywhere you go and it cannot be challenged. No future employer would be able to turn you down because of the legitimacy of your degree.

Engineering Colleges in Noida Fostering Wholesome Learning

Although the aspiring students of today are offered with numerous career options to choose from, the traditional Engineering profession still continues to be a popular career choice for several young and ambitious students. Holistic Education can open up doors of success for several aspiring individuals. Thus, the quality of learning acquired can considerably shape the future of a youthful aspirant. Education offered in India is highly acknowledged and appreciated globally. Testifying its remarkable quality, engineering colleges in Noida offer the best in Indian education system.

The infrastructure of engineering colleges in Noida is fully equipped with modern equipments and study techniques that focus on inculcating requisite skills and knowledge to help the capable youth become competent professional experts of tomorrow!! The remarkable system of teaching assures holistic development of an individual and nurtures him into a skilled and qualified professional to help him earn excellent employment opportunities in the future. Moreover the faculty members at engineering colleges in Noida leave no stone unturned to foster comprehensive education of high quality focused on preparing students for the upcoming competitions in the relevant industry.

Moreover, the practice based curriculum provides hands-on-experience of the industry. The course content is regularly updated on the basis of industry fluctuations and demands. Hence, study at engineering colleges in Noida is industry-relevant and skill-based. Also, the various student-centric study techniques coupled with a stimulating learning atmosphere together emphasize on nurturing competent technology professionals for the future. Engineering colleges in Noida are equipped with enriching libraries that are stocked with course-relevant books and latest references, modern computer labs and practicing labs to provide a practical learning experience to the students and expose them to the recent procedures of the industry.

Considering the quality and kind of education imparted at engineering colleges in Noida, numerous aspiring and ambitious students from all over the country apply for Btech admission in these colleges. The diligent batch of students that enrolls for Btech admissions is nurtured with industry-specific training processes and skill based study techniques. Moreover, the qualified faculty mentors every student with theoretical understanding and intensive practice.

India is a land of countless opportunities. Besides, technology enabled study for engineering, several business aspirants can also gain immense knowledge and hone their skills at the best B schools in India. Falling under the category of the best B-Schools in India, these world class institutes offer comprehensive study procedures that emphasize on nurturing skilled entrepreneurial talent for the professional global competition in the flourishing business sector.

How To Advance Your Career Through Distance Learning

According to the report, Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 2006, published by The Sloan Consortium, in 2003, only 57% of academic leaders thought students who earned their degree online received the same or better education than those attending traditional programs.

By 2006, that number rose to 62%. This means that online education programs are becoming more accepted by educators as each year passes. Earning an online bachelor?s degree can help your career in many ways. Not only will you be qualified for career advancement, many employers reward those who take the initiative to further their education.

Online bachelor degrees are available in many fields. Through careful research, you can find an online program that suits your needs.

Popularity of Online Degree Programs
Online degree programs have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons that include the creation of accredited online colleges, traditional colleges and universities offering online courses, and increased interest by those already in the workforce who want to further their careers by earning a degree while they work.

According to the Postsecondary Education Factbook 2006, published yearly by education consulting and marketing firm Edventures, in 2006 over $10 billion dollars was spent in online education by those pursuing a degree. This is an increase from $2.5 billion spent in 2004. But why are online degree programs so popular and why should you consider enrolling in one when going back to school?

Save time by taking Courses Online
For many students, returning to school to earn a bachelors degree means taking time off from work, spending less time with family, and being around younger students. It’s these factors that deter some students from returning to school.

But by enrolling in an online degree program, students will be able to take courses from home without having to spend time driving to the college or university, paying for childcare or sitting in a classroom filled with people they may not have anything in common with. With a bachelor degree online, students can still pursue their educational goals without disturbing their lives in the process.

Online bachelor degree programs often involve watching/listening to live lectures, reading lecture notes from instructors or participating in live chat with other students and instructors. Students will still be responsible for turning in all assignments and tests like traditional students, but they will not have to spend as much time in the classroom.

Convenient Online Courses
If you want to continue working while earning a bachelors degree, earning your degree online is more convenient than traditional classroom courses in several ways. First, you have the ability to only take as many courses as you can handle each semester.

Second, since you won’t have to spend time in a classroom, you will have more time to study or focus on other areas in your life.

Third, you will be given a syllabus at the beginning of each course that outlines how the course will be taught. This will include due dates for all assignments, tests and projects so you can budget your time.

Lower Cost for Online Education
Depending on the program you enroll in, earning an online bachelor degree may cost less than attending a traditional university program. Online colleges have lower overhead because they don’t provide housing or classroom space and do not support extra-curricular activities such as sports, music or theater programs. When you enroll in an online degree program, the cost of tuition, additional supplies or materials, and fees for IT support are usually all you will be required to pay.

Entrepreneurship MBA With A Promising Career

An Entrepreneurship MBA is a way to the future safety of the people in the business environment. Most of the business empire, is handed on from one generation to another. However, people who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth are also starting their own enterprise can aspire to. It ought to learn the techniques of running a business or starting a new venture. Entrepreneurship MBA traders who can manage any kind of problem to make

Entrepreneurship MBA recently was introduced as a specialization course. With the passage of time, the course has become a recognized business program.

Entrepreneurship MBA candidates from around the world have shown a keen interest. Some candidates are eager to follow the traditions of the old school. While some show their Executive MBA in India education to obtain a degree through distance learning education about the misconception. It is believed that a degree earned through distance learning education is not valuable.

However, from distance learning education degree hold the same value as traditional degrees. Entrepreneurship through an unconventional MBA for working professionals gained a very good choice. Individuals who do not leave time to pursue your education can easily enroll with distance learning education and to ensure a secure future. This is a blossoming career and a way to get a secured life.

Distance learning education is clearly marked with two stages. The first phase was mainly dominated by the postal system. The second phase has brought a revolution in the education industry. Now with the introduction of the second stage, the education industry as never before to generate revenue. The second phase is all about web technology and information technology. Online education is a computer connected to the Internet began. Correspondence MBA as synonymous with each other to an extent that could be used to affect distance learning education.

Working professionals who are eager to get an entrepreneurship MBA is not like quitting your job. Your goal is distance education whilst working on a degree course. Such individuals to achieve a degree of distance learning courses are an ideal way to find. A student through careful selection of the unconventional, the study should pursue. Be sure that the universities and professional schools are providing online MBA degree should be recognized and should have a reputation that goes with it. Area of expertise before deciding if a university or business school degree to a person wants to be able to determine credibility.

I Keep Reminding My Students at Kiams That Finance Is Pretty Much Like Life Itself – Not a 100 Meter


Way back in 2001, Mr. Atul Kulkarni was an enigma to both students and faculty members at KIAMS. Why a practicing – and flourishing – Chartered Accountant should take up a full-time faculty position in management education was beyond their comprehension; even his friends and erstwhile colleagues believed he was in KIAMS for a break of sorts. They thought he’d be back to where he came from within a couple of years. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

“My association with KIAMS is nearly 13 years old now. I did not enter it on a whim, or for a break. I was looking for a good B-school where I could polish my capabilities as a teacher. I wanted to understand the profession thoroughly. My association with KIAMS started as full-time faculty and has now evolved into visiting faculty.”

Mr. Kulkarni’s evolution has truly been inspiring. Having metamorphosed into an accomplished teacher at KIAMS, he was snapped up by Infosys in 2006 to set up its Centre of Excellence for finance and accounting at its Bangalore BPO. As the Head F&A CoE, Infosys, Mr. Kulkarni effectively developed domain training programmes across all levels in the organisation. By March 2010, he realised that his job at Infosys was done, and rather than shift to a different corporate house, he decided to freelance; thus making his expertise available to many other players in the industry.

“Ever since March 2010, I have conducted trainings in organisations of all shapes, sizes and nature across India. They include companies like Accenture, Intelenet and GMR. Since I am on the panel of approved trainers for Addecco, I have conducted various programmes for their clients as well.”

Mr. Kulkarni feels that whatever the domain, setting of training objectives and understanding those objectives are essential for effective results.

“You imbibe different values when you work at different organisations and tend to carry them forward to the new organisation. But when you are by yourself, not only is your learning curve really steep, but you also start valuing little things which you would’ve ignored earlier. Today, if I need to get a print-out, I think ten times about wastage of paper. Yes, having worked at Infosys matters; it is a value driven company. But going solo is a different ball game altogether, and it makes you think about the importance of instilling a sense of ownership… in a company or a B-school like KIAMS; as faculty or as a student.”

He feels that while the current outlook might be gloomy, Finance is an evergreen field. In fact, a down precedes a high, and therefore opportunities in Finance are only going to expand; be it banking, insurance or the stock market.

I keep reminding my students at KIAMS that finance is pretty much like life itself – not a 100 meters race, but a marathon. Very often I see students panic when they see things on the downturn. The essence of long- term success lies in your ability to withstand these short- term downturns, and develop yourself in the process. Instead of looking for places where opportunities are, you should first see what you are made for.

Free Study Abroad In Europe – Attend A Top School Free!

Many tuition free universities are found abroad which allow students to opportunity to enjoy free study in Europe. If you apply directly to these schools, even being an international student and a non-European student, you do not have to pay tuition. . One example of a tuition free college is the Jonkoping International Business School. Based in Northern Scandinavia, the Jonkoping International Business School is an urban university that offers degrees in informatics, finance, business administration, commercial law, and political science studies. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees are offered, and most of the classes are in English. The school is relatively small, with a total enrollment of about 2000 students, of which 25% are international students.
Just like the Jonkoping International Business School, many other tuition free colleges have strong English support due to the . Not all of these institutions focus on business though. There is a wide range of degrees and programs provided around the world, including computer science, IT, and engineering degrees. Another great school is the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden or the University of Stockholm. These world-class institutions have international programs where the language of instruction is in English. Finland, Norway and even certain schools in Scotland also have a tuition free scheme that benefits those looking to study abroad for free or virtually free (meaning the cost of tuition is either waived or negligible).
There are high quality programs even medical school where one can take advantage of free study in europe. In order to participate in a free study abroad program, be aware that a list of prerequisites awaits you. First things being first, any prospective student needs to contact the embassy of his or her host country to acquire a student visa. Secondly, make sure to check with the university regarding any entry exams or grade requirements. All in all, the dream of attending college shouldn’t be hindered with tuition, and in the case of the many tuition free universities around the world, it doesn’t have to be. Learning more about these colleges offers you amazing opportunities few know about.

What Can’t You Learn From Nursing School?

Nursing tasks are unquestionably sought after these days which explains why many people would rather undertake the said field in college. This is also the explanation why you would find several schools offering the course across the world. Nursing school can be difficult, and many enthusiasts feel that having his or her Lightweight S.E. stethoscope or Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is sufficient to allow them to get a job immediately after college.

What a lot of student nurses need to know is that practise of being a nurse shouldn’t be overlooked after school as there are things that people cannot gain knowledge from the four walls of the classroom. Here’s a set of things that individuals can not gain knowledge from any school:

Time Management Skills

Time management is extremely important when you are being employed as a nurse. This is something which could help you make or break your work, which is why it is crucial that you learn to manage your time. The simple truth is, time management isn’t explained in college. This simply means that this is a thing that you have to learn on your own.

Stress Management

Dealing with stress is also something that you ought to learn by yourself. Be sure to come across solutions to make it easier to de-stress given that a nurse’s job would certainly be demanding. You may not learn dealing with stress while attending college but you certainly will figure out how to contend with it once you are already employed or working as a nurse. You need to simply have a “me” day to be sure that you also take care of stress after a hard work day.

Emotive Command

Yet another thing that you should learn on your own and something that you’d not be coached in the classroom is addressing your feelings. Your career would certainly have your adrenaline rushing constantly especially in crisis circumstances.

Dealing with Death

Dealing with loss of life is also something that you should cope with on your own. It’s really a great challenge to inform folks that their dearly loved one has passed away and it gets a lots of courage to do so. This isn’t coached in the classroom, which is why you really have to learn how to empathize and sympathize through these times.

Addressing Doctors

Last but not least, addressing doctors is in addition something that you must know on you own because this is definitely not an element of the nursing course.

Book Reviews Versus Book Reports: A Brief Primer

The terms ?book review? and ?book report? are often used interchangeably to mean something in-between the two of them. Improper identification of a book review versus a book report in a syllabus can lead to costly grade mistakes.

A book report is just that: a report on the contents of a particular book. Book reports can be written about both fiction and non-fiction books, but they all have certain things in common. In some ways, a book report could be considered a summary, although it’s a bit more extensive than that. Book reports contain not just recounting of plot, characters, and so forth, but also discussions of the primary ideas, themes, and concepts introduced in the text.

A book review, on the other hand, goes into more detail about the reviewer’s opinions about the book. Again, the review can be of a fiction or non-fiction book, but regardless, the reviewer includes more of a critique of the text, more of an analysis of the ideas and concepts introduced by the author. Of course, as always, opinions should be supported. It is not good book review practice to, say, state that the book is stupid, or the author doesn’t know what he is talking about, without showing why this is the case. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to write that the author doesn’t have a leg to stand on if you talk about why this is the case.

In a way, a book review is a more comprehensive book report. The report stops short of discussing the writer’s thoughts and perspectives on the book, whereas the review is incomplete without those things. You could think about a book review as a cross between a literary critique and a book report. No matter how you define it, a book review is an in-depth analysis of a text while a report is little more than a summary.

Overview of Various Divisions of Medicine Domain

Medicine is a domain which has always been in the list of top industries of the country. Those who divert their career in this sector get a promising and fruitful career. In India this domain is enjoying quality growth. The concept of medical tourism is gaining momentum in the country which is captivating patients from all around the world to get quality treatment within budget. Due to this hike in medicine sector various new healthcare setups are planning to establish. This is ultimately increasing the demand of skilled professionals who can successfully manage the execution of work and contribute to this sector. At present there are various colleges in the country that are offering specialized courses varied sub-divisions of medical sector like clinical data management, healthcare management, etc.

Clinical data management is another branch of data management where professionals offer their clients a complete portfolio of clinical research based data. It includes clinical monitoring, project management, medical monitoring and also the accomplishment and management of statistics. With the continuous change in medical sector the demand of such clinical data management professional is also increasing. This data is utilized by the various medical organizations to develop various drug solutions. Such solutions help pharmaceutical companies to increase the quality of drugs that are available in the market. These managers work with clinical research organizations.

Healthcare management is similar to that of business management. Professionals of this division take care of the overall execution of work in a healthcare setup. They spend their maximum time over dealing with numerous business needs in healthcare facility. A healthcare manager is responsible for integrating new technology, managing departments, keeping an eye over the financial matters and also daily operations involved in a hospital. While pursing the course in healthcare management students are made aware given the insight of the domain so that they can work as per the industry norms and prove themselves as proficient managers.

Besides these two, Rehab Courses are also one of the most preferred courses among students nowadays. In this course students are made aware about the psychology of patients and how to deal with it. In the present world the demand of such professionals is high. Hence, some of the colleges offer specialized rehab courses which help students to understand this area and serve accordingly.

India is in need of skilled professionals due to expansion of the medical industry. If you are also planning to opt for such courses then it is suggested to go through the college’s review before you get enrolled in one.